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SceneStudio provides users the ability to author and playback rich multimedia content on a large format display or kiosk. Text, HTML, TV, movies, flash, sound and scolling messages can be combined to produce truly compelling content that will get noticed by your audience.

No wires required!

SceneStudio can be run as a stand alone system and does not require a network or internet connection. Everything required to create content, playlists and playback scenes is in one self contained appliance that attaches to a video display. When used in a network environment authorized users are able to operate the appliance from anywhere on the network.

Simple, Fast Text Editing

If your multimedia message requires the text copy to be updated on a regular basis SceneStudio is the perfect solution! Text can be modified using a Microsoft Word or WordPad file, providing non-technical users the easiest possible method of keeping your message fresh and relevant.
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SceneStudio™ is a highly flexible, easily editable communication tool that allows the user to tailor content to a variety of applications. Browse through the examples listed here to learn how SceneStudio can enhance your facility and ultimately benefit your business:
 - Employee Messaging
 - Welcoming System
 - Wayfinding
 - Security Control Centers
 - Advertising
 - Wait Time Reliever

• User defi nable content regions
• Content region layering (SceneStudio Pro) Content
• Multiple content types supported
• Content copy function for fast scene development
• Rapid click-n-drag content scheduling
• Timeline tool provides intuitive view of content development

Playback Scheduling
• Playlist Builder allows multiple scenes to be grouped into a playlist • Default playlist function – plays the default when no playlists are scheduled

• Landscape and portrait orientations supported
• Multiple playback resolutions supported
• Emergency Playlists – Allows pre-authored playlists to immediately override any existing playback schedules

• Multimedia desktop PC
- Intel Core 2 Duo processor
- 512 Meg SDRAM
- Enterprise class SATA hard drive
- Microsoft Windows XP Pro
- Dimensions: 12.99”(W) x 16.42”(D) x3.94”(H)

Optional hardware
• TV tuner
• Upgrade to 1Gb memory
• Keyboard & mouse

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