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Interactive Digital Signage Software (MXS-I3)

MediaXtreme™ I³ is an easy-to-use software application that turns ordinary flat panel monitors into interactive digital signage stations.

What happens when you merge kiosk functionality with digital signage? Interactive digital signage of course! MediaXtreme™ Interactive (I³) is a hybrid of digital signage software because it converges digital media with an interactive editor that can be interfaced to external inputs. It performs many kinds of customer-driven applications, such as concierge services, way-finding, digital sales assistance and customer service functions. It works stand-alone or as an add-on function to Media POD.

How does this benefit you? Our interactive digital signage software gives you the ability to turn ordinary flat panels into targeted self-service kiosks that not only engage the customer, but also deliver timely marketing messages that you schedule and control.

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MediaXtreme I³ : Interactive

MediaXtreme I³ is interactive digital signage software. Stand-alone operation allows flat panels of any size to be transformed into interactive kiosks just by loading the software on a common PC and performing the required editor functions. You supply the PC and touch-activated flat screen, MediaXtreme I³ provides the software to design, layout and execute user-initiated events from PC media files.
Additionally, MediaXtreme I³ operates in a hybrid interactive mode. By adding the optional Media POD digital signage player, you can schedule media playlists as “default screen savers” that deliver attention-getting media, advertising or a better customer experience. This default playlist instantly switches to “interactive mode” when initiated by users. The major benefit of hybrid interactive is that if allows interactive devices to fulfill very different strategies in one compact and affordable package. In the hybrid mode, targeted playlists are used to attract an audience with all of the robust possibilities of digital signage. Interested spectators then engage the sign for additional information giving them a fulfilling customer experience.

MediaXtreme I³ : Intelligent

MX-I³ is a powerful software utility that gives you smart tools to build a creative touch-activated interface with interactive buttons. The interactive editor enables links to common multimedia files that are retrieved and displayed on touch-screen equipped flat panels. You supply the hardware, and our software does the rest.

MediaXtreme I³ : Integrated

MX-I³ software also interfaces to externally triggered devices, such as motion sensors, cameras, and temperature and RFID sensors. It turns ordinary PCs into a full-function kiosk player system. Since MX-I³ system requirements are not excessive by today’s standards, it works on any common PC architecture that supports Windows® XP. See our hardware requirements in the tab below.
Far from being just another software widget, MediaXtreme I³ delivers affordable results in an uncomplicated manner. As with all Keywest Technology products, we offer customization to meet your out-of-the-box needs. Contact Keywest Technology now; request an online demonstration and see for yourself what interactive digital signage ought to be.

File Formats

Media: MPEG 1, 2, 4-WMV, Windows® Media and AVI (1), VOB (DVD), H.264-(opt)
Animations: Adobe® Flash
Graphics: .jpg, .bmp, .gif, .tif, .png
Audio: wav, .mp3

Minimal System Requirements

Intel® Celeron® (or compatible) processor 1.8GHz or Higher
Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional recommended
40GB 7200 RPM Hard Drive E-IDE
ATI X550 or GeForce 6200 Video Card w/ 128 MB on-board, non-shared Video RAM (PCIe or AGP)
Motherboard that supports above requirements (ASUS PL5D2 is an example, suitable subs are fine)
Case style and power supply that supports the application (minimum 300 W PSU)

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