Case Study:
Office Depot Retail Store Electronic Signage

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Office Depot Stores are familiar to just about everyone. Office Depot has a huge, department store-like approach to office supplies; long aisles, high ceilings, super-bright lighting, and the need for easily-changed up-to-date advertisingmessages and sale information, 24/7. They need the flexibility to run timely commercials from vendors to support pinpoint marketing of specific products plus the capability of a store wide message to be reflected simultaneously to all shoppers...and supported by audio system specifically designed for clarity and coverage unique to this store design.

The Challenge:
Working with the standard Office Depot store layout
MMS faced positioning challenges to minimize glare and maximize viewing angles. The tools had to make a statement reflecting OD's commitment to taking care of business with the Best of the Best. As with any project where budget was a major consideration, we had to provide the most impact for the least amount of money.

"MMS is one of the few companies that I can actually say does what they say they will do when they say they will do it. Mike and his team have been true Partners over the last 5 years....we continue to receive the same exceptional level of customer service that we received in the early days of our initial engagement."

Michael LaBrec, Office Depot, Manager-Technical Planning

Click for Larger ImagePlasmas mounted high on the center "tube" in the store.

Click for Larger ImageEye-level plasma with targeted item marketing.


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The Solution:
Fujitsu Plasma was chosen for its world-leading plasma screens, based on performance and cost effectiveness. Complimenting this viewing platform we choose a digital signage player. They provided a world class solution at a cost effective price point. With a digital signage player, we provided a platform that could provide continuous streaming MPG 2 video 24/7 with flexible programming and resource sensitive material updating program. Then we chose the world leader in business audio to design a sound subsystem to compliment the plasma and the digital signage system. The choice was simple, the Mediaphile OWL system provided the perfect fit for this demanding sound application. The resulting system clearly makes a difference in image retained as customers leave the store. They are very sure that they are buying from the best.

The System Includes:
Fujitsu 4209 42" Plasmavision, Premier Mounts, MediaPhile Owl Systems, digital signageplayer, Anxier RG6 and Shielded Twisted pair wire cabling.


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