Case Study:
Digital Signage for Passenger Security Checkpoint
at McGhee-Tyson Airport, Knoxville, TN

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Welcome to McGhee-Tyson airportMcGhee Tyson Airport is the premier air facility in East Tennessee, serving the commercial airline industry, air cargo, military aviation and general aviation. McGhee Tyson Airport has several major airlines serving many non-stop destinations throughout the eastern U.S. With more than 120 arrivals and departures each day and more than 4,000 seats available, McGhee Tyson Airport is one of the most convenient and accessible regional airports in the nation. In accordance with Department of Homeland Security regulations and guidelines, new technology is being integrated into the passenger terminal's environment to make sure passengers are made aware of security procedures and other information.

The floor-to-ceiling windows on the beautiful long concourse played an important part in the wireless signage system.

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Clearly visible to all approaching passengers, the display is bright and clear even with sunlight flooding the area.

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The Challenge:

In order to help passengers be prepared to pass through the security checkpoint in an efficient manner, the Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority wanted a display of clearly visible information, instructions and special announcements, including security checkpoint procedures, the Homeland Security Advisory Threat Level, and guidelines for passengers. The mounting of the bright lcd display was standard, but the content needed to be controlled and updated wirelessly from an administrator's desk, which is in a different building- too far for most wireless technology to reach, with many turns and corridors to travel.

Passenger security checks will move along much more efficiently with clearly displayed guidelines regarding security procedures, plus the capability to broadcast Homeland Security information or other special communications.

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The Solution:
It's a straight shot from the LCD panel out across part of the aircraft gate area to the office where the computer doing the updates for the signage is.....so with the antenna from the wireless system "seeing" right thru the huge floor-to-ceiling windows, the RePromotion "Solus" player and software was perfectly suited for the task.
The RePromotion Enhanced Player is a powerful multimedia player with most of the features commonly offered by high-end players, but packed in a micro PC unit. This combination of palm size and wireless access ensure the ReP Enhanced Player is extremely easy to install and operate, taking "plug-&-play" to new heights of efficiency. The software is easy to learn, too! The tiny microcomputer was mounted to the back of the Mitsubishi LCD panel with velcro.

The Mitusbishi LCD was chosen because of its complete resistance to burn-in (a drawback of other types of flat-panel technology) and the overall reliability of Mitsubishi products and service.

The System Includes:

Mitsubishi 40" LCD display MLM 400

Repromotion SOLUS digital signage

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