Case Study:
Colorado Central Station Casino Digital Signage

Colarad Central Station Casino

"I would like to thank you and your staff for all the help and support you provided during the installation of your product in our property. The continued support after the installation has also been great. The sign package that incorporates your plasma displays and system work great and provide CCSC with a great means of displaying promotional items.

It is rare to find a company like yours that really cares for its customers and the services you provide."

--Rick Fitzsimmons
Director of Slot Operations
Colorado Central Station Casino

Colorado Central Station Casino in Black Hawk, Colorado, is a 48,856 square foot casino featuring 754 slots and fifteen table games. Like all casinos, CCS wants to draw attention and action to specific gaming areas, communicating excitement and "sizzle"! Jackpots and special prizes need top billing, and MMS's digital signage solutions are a crucial part of this gaming experience!

The Challenge:
The digital signage system needed to be capable of displaying information from a number of sources: VCR, DVD, laser disk,web, live cable or cctv, digital satellite feed and computer. This information needed to be be sent to several outputs, which could be existing or newly installed plasma screens (which were part of the Colorado Station set-up), projectors, TV, LCD, Video wall or even large outdoor LED displays. (By the way, these output devices can be spread out across one facility or be in distant locations!) This system is a sophisticated technology, yet intuitive enough in its operation that non-programmers can change content at a central location!

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Installation team at work

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The Solution:
Multi-Media Solutions' Digital Video Server System: A scalable system able to meet every one of the challenges, and perform 24/7! MMS installed a system that not only works beautifully for the short term, but will handle the expansion and growth that Colorado Central Station Casino expects to implement, progressively integrating more and more displays within the property. This digital signage solution is the perfect fit for any size gaming establishment, or network of gaming venues!

The System Includes:
MMS Digital Signage System GLI-4, Fujitsu 42" Plasmavision 4209, Anxier RG6 Cabling

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