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Boyd Funeral Home
Mobile Memorial Tribute Presentation System

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Today's Funeral Homes have a deep commitment to provide exceptional service for their families, and often served families who are looking for new ways to share personalized and meaningful tributes and ceremonies. They seek creativity, and often want funerals and other memorial services to be a celebration of the life of their loved one, as well as an observance of passing. The trend for personalization in final tribute is gaining momentum, and often includes new audio visual technology to blend the traditional, comforting services with the tasteful use of today's digital audio visual technology which honors the past, keeps pace with the present, and embraces the future.

Boyd Funeral Home is an attractive establishment in Salem, in Western Kentucky, and it boasts a memorial presentation system many much larger funeral homes have not had the foresight to acquire yet! Once their first memorial tribute was shown on the system, every single family since has shown a video tribute on it. Director Andrew Fox expects the unit to pay for itself, while still keeping the service at a very reasonable cost for families. He is so impressed with the impact of this service, he'd like to keep it affordable for everyone. Director Fox creates the tributes himself, using Directors-Tribute software, which comes with each of these systems, and is the leading memorial tribute software in the U.S.

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In Closed position in the foyer

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With Plasma raised

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Moved into the Chapel


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The Challenge:

Boyd wanted to acquire the latest audio visual technology in order to offer their families Memorial Tribute Presentations, but needed to maintain the integrity of the home's decor, and blend technology with tradition. Mobility from room to room was very important, providing the option of moving the credenza from to the Chapel. The system, when not in use, would need to be either completely hidden, or somehow blend and even add to the character of the facility's atmosphere. Ease of assembly and operation is also critical.

"Our families are extremely receptive to these memorial tributes, and have given very favorable response. People gather around it and watch the presentation usually a number of times before even going in. Even with no investment in advertising yet, word-of-mouth alone leads me to believe that this will have a good impact on our business.The MMS Team was very good, very knowledgeable, and I felt the training was completely sufficient for this very easy-to-use system. VideoTributes software has allowed me to create beautiful memorial presentations quite easily, also."

Andrew Fox, Director, Boyd Funeral Home






The Solution:

The MMS Mobile Memorial Presentation System provided all the technical requirements in a beautiful custom-built credenza. The credenza, one of two styles offered, is available in 19 finish shades of 5 different woods, to complement any decor. The 42" plasma flat screen within raises and lowers at the touch of a button on an integrated electric lift, offering the unrivaled image quality only plasma screen technology can offer, with high-quality audio emanating from the plasma display's attached speakers. A DVD player integrated into the cabinet provides the means to present the memorial tribute, which is created on the Directors Tribute "VideoTribute" software which is included with each system. The credenza is mounted on discrete casters, and can be moved from Visitation Rooms to the Chapel to the Foyer. Assembly and the brief amount of "training" needed for this easy-to-use system was provided. (Clients may choose to follow the clear, user-friendly instructions provided to assemble the system themselves, or contract with MMS to have assembly included in purchase.)

The System Includes:

The MMS Mobile Memorial Presentation System, model MT1

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