Case Study:

Blue Ridge Development LLC/
Blue Ridge Realty
Lobby Signage

Every single person who walks in says “WOW”

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John-David Roddy, founder, principal and Chief Manager of Blue Ridge Development, wanted a high-tech look for the lobby of Blue Ridge Realty’s Lakeside Centre headquarters in Knoxville to enhance the experience of every customer and associate who walks through the doors with an impressive visual display of Blue Ridge Companies’ outstanding projects. The array of LG Electronics plasma and LCD screens, each dedicated to a different look at Blue Ridge’s world, is a stunning statement of the Blue Ridge vision! You’ll see Tyson Center, the large business complex adjacent to McGhee-Tyson Airport, and The Preserve at English Mountain featured on two of the screens.

The Challenge:

Blue Ridge Realty wanted the high-quality technology to say "forward-thinking" and "technologically sophisticated" to all viewers, but the actual operation of the digital signage system- the software for scheduling and distributing the content to the various displays- that had to be as user-friendly and simple to use as possible.

Conference Room Plasma
Rack of Solus servers
Main lobby signage

The Solution:

The high-quality displays by LG speak for themselves- bright, crisp images and video against that dark wall are just stunning. But only the SOLUS wireless server and player could provide the user interface for fast updates, scheduling and distribution to the displays. These powerful systems are perfect for this application.

The System Includes:

Plasma Display:42PX3PCV 42" LG Plasma with with Tuner and Speakers
LCD Panels:RU1750C 17" LCD Panels by LG, with Tuner and Speakers

Solus Complete Digital Signage Server and Player Software kit from Repromotions

MMS also has installed a full audio system in the Blue Ridge facility, for paging, announcements and music company-wide.


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