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Full Color LED

Brightest most Vibrant LED Technology

- 100,000 hour estimated life span without the fear of CRT or Plasma "Burn In"

8mm Image Resolution

- Four times the image resolution of conventional displays but at a lower cost

Wide viewing angles

- 120° Horizontally and 60° Vertically

Built-In User Friendly Software

- Remote control network advertising
- Stadium operation with Replay
- Bowl ring and Fascia control

6mm and 12mm Resolution Scoreboards
8mm and 16mm Resolution LED Signage
 Single Color LED

Complete Line of Products

Indoor and Outdoor Message Displays
Indoor and Outdoor Full Color Video Displays
Time & Temperature Displays
Price Changers

Single Color LED Product Brochure

SSL Components
Easy Installation, Using existing socket.
Operating life up to 100,000 hours
Low-power consumption.
Custom specification acceptable.
Solid-state, Fast Turn On, No power surge.
High Shock / Vibration Resistant.
Save energy and maintenance cost.
Major Reduction in Heat Generation
LED illumination application: Security Lamp, Indicator Lamp, Illuminant Lighting, LED Lamp for Outdoor Sign, Warning Lamp.

Festoon Specs
Brightlife 800


LED Components

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