Digital Signage:
How it Works

How digital signage works

Multi-Media Solutions can provide a complete solution for your digital signage and narrowcasting needs. Knowing that content is your first concern, the chart above illustrates the types of inputs (your content) that may be incorporated in your programs. The server section in the middle is where you put it all together; assigning play order, schedule, and the layout of your screen. Your display can be a plasma screen, projection system, video wall or many other types of display technology.

MMS provides training so that you can feel confident in the process, creating and managing your own dynamic digital signage customized messages targeted for your audience. Don't forget that MMS can provide professional video production services to help you deliver powerful messages through digital signage!

Sending many video signage messages to one display, or to many displays, with total flexibility of scheduling your programs gives you total control over your advertising campaigns, information centers, video-on-demand, digital messaging, or whatever applications your system is used in. Education, training, government, institutional, retail and hospitality, corporate - everyone needs to communicate clearly through digital signage!

Please take a look at our portfolio for some clearly illustrated examples of how different types of content are used in a number of specific digital signage applications

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