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The 25 Gotcha's of Digital Signage

All-inclusive digital signage software solutions and training from MMS will make it easy for you to advertise, promote, and communicate with electronic billboards, videowalls, outdoor LED displays and much more. MMS can design a video server system which will do exactly what you want it to in the attention-grabbing format of Wireless Digital Signage. MMS even has a very small (smaller than a laptop) wireless digital signage solution to meet your needs. See our streaming video, or Directional Sound Speakers which can also be used for messaging and advertising.

Digital signage and enterprise media is changing the way advertising, entertainment and information is presented to the public. Your audience's attention is captured by bright, moving, constantly changing and relevant messages. These "electronic billboard" messages are displayed on plasma screens, flat LCD panels, video walls, monitors, projection systems, electronic LED displays both indoors and out. This is what Out-of-Home advertising is all about- wherever your target audience goes once they leave home-- you can be there! Whether it's a stand-alone kiosk or single display, or a Out of Home Network, we have a solution to help you reach your goal. Here's "How Digital Signage Networks Work".

Retail, point-of-sale digital signage in stores and malls; plasma signage or large screen TV's in restaurants and sports bars, museums, convention facilities, casinos, in tradeshow booths inform and even entertain us. Why is CONTENT more important than anything in Digital Signage? Read our section called "Content"!!
Dynamic signage standing on cool, futuristic stands, hanging on walls, dangling from ceilings, or mounted in classy cabinets, catches our eye. See some of the projects we've done recently with Retail Digital Signage.
Private information networks keep people and information connected in hospitals, schools, corporations, and government locations with digital messaging,video on demand, and Corporate Communication Networks.

When you have something to say, the Team at MMS will help you say it with impact! We have been designing and installing wireless digital signage network systems since before it was called digital signage!

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